The Impact Support Team works expeditiously towards handling each support call with an intention of providing a thorough resolution. Most of the support calls are related to users who need information during the early stage of deployment.


The support window for Impact is 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday. The support calls are classified into three categories: Information, maintenance and breakdown. The calls are prioritised based on the severity of the problem. The first attempt is always to close the call over a telephonic discussion. If more information is required from the user, the support team may need to establish a remote connection or ask for screenshots of the problem faced by the user.


In case of maintenance shutdown for Impact, the downtime is planned during non-business hours and the users are informed in advance. This lasts only a few hours and causes no inconvenience to users.



Impact installation for a company is a smooth and quick process that takes just a few hours. The Impact Support Team provides remote handholding assistance to ensure a comfortable transition for all stakeholders. Requirements for Impact installation are as follows:


  1. SIM card with active data plan installed on mobile phone

  2. Setup data provided by the customer in the required excel template

  3. Mobile app installed from the URL sent by SMS

  4. Data upload by Impact support team

  5. Activation of mobile licenses and Web Portal user login credentials




Impact is designed for simplicity and ease of use. Users can be trained effectively in a short span of time. The customer designates an Administrator who will receive training for using the Impact mobile apps and Web Portal. Remote connectivity tools for web and mobile are used for providing a real-time training interface.


The designated Administrator trains all the Executives of the customer. All the users are free to approach the Impact Support Team for any queries during training or after Go-Live.