Managers can use this App to view the activities of their executives on the field. They can view the details of a single executive, selected category of executives or the entire team as a summary with different levels of drill-down. The Manager is able to access these details in real-time. r this feature.


The features of the Executive Mobile App are as follows:

  1. Beat List: List of customers (with contact details) for each day of the week assigned from the Web Portal.

  2. Click-to-call: This feature can be used to place a phone call to the customer.

  3. Transactions: Collection, order and delivery outcomes for each customer visit.

  4. Non-Productive Visits: Executive must submit a reason when there is no transaction.

  5. Missed Visits: Reporting a visit outcome is mandatory for marking a customer as ‘visited’.

  6. Live Info: GPS coordinates, date & time stamp are submitted along with each activity.

  7. Map View: Customer locations with in-built navigation.

  8. Notifications: General or even customer specific alerts can be sent to the executive from the web portal.

  9. Pending Bills: Bill Number and Outstanding Amount is displayed for payment collection.

  10. Extra Beats: An executive can view extra beats assigned.

  11. Report Changes: Executives can report changes to customer address and contact details.

  12. Summary: A quick reference of the day’s activities.

  13. SMS Alert: Instant SMS containing transaction summary and visit outcome is sent to the customer.

  14. Report A Problem: Field executive can register a complaint on behalf of the customer.



Impact is a suite of mobility applications for field force of distribution, sales and service companies. Impact provides a highly efficient solution at a very affordable price for any size of company in FMCG, Pharma, Insurance, Microfinance and any service industry with a field force.



Focus on field activities and their outcomes

  • Mobile apps for executives and managers

  • Web portal for administrative setup

  • Real-time transaction update from the field

  • Live map-view with GPS location for each activity

  • Access customer information from the field

  • Daily beat, activity date / time stamp and click-to-call

  • Instant SMS notifications to customers

  • Hierarchical access controls

  • Business insights with activity-based dashboards and reports

The features of the Manager Mobile App are as follows:

  1. Activity Dashboard: Field activities like customers covered, amount collected and orders received.

  2. Attendance: Automatic attendance with date & time of last activity on field.

  3. Login Info: List of all executives with their login status, last seen date & time and activities done in the day.

  4. Notifications: Alerts from the Feedback module of Impact.

  5. Summary: Individual reports for coverage, collections, orders and delivery.

  6. GPS Deviations: Activities performed away from the mapped GPS location of customer.

  7. Map View: Live view of Executive’s activities at each customer location.

  8. Non-Productive Visits: Field visits where no order or collection was performed.

  9. Click-To-Call: This feature can be used to place a phone call to the Executive.




For starting a new instance of Impact for a company, a one-time setup is required to upload the details of their customers, beats and field executives. The Web Portal can be used to make changes to this setup in future. The secure login for the Web Portal provides below features for administrative setup:

  1. Masters: Manage details of customers, beats and executives.

  2. Configuration: Assign and change categories for beats and visit outcomes.

  3. Access Rights: Create and manage users’ access privileges for the Web Portal.

  4.  Activity SMS: An SMS is sent to the customer with details of each activity performed by Executive.

  5. Outstanding Payment Update: Upload Excel sheet with customer’s outstanding payment. This amount can be sent via an ad hoc SMS broadcast from the Web Portal which acts as an advance notice to customers who can arrange the outstanding amount and also the order for the upcoming visit by the executive.

  6. Order Update: Upload Excel sheet with customer’s order value. An ad hoc SMS broadcast can be sent to customers with the order value and expected delivery date.

  7. Delivery Route: Upload Excel sheet with delivery route for executives using the Delivery App.

  8. Notifications: Configure and send alerts to the Executive Mobile App.



The reports available through the Web Portal are as follows:

  1. Dashboard: Graphic and tabular views showing performance of collections, coverage, orders and deliveries.

  2. Executive Reports: Summary and detail view of all the activities of an executive for a selected day or over a period of time. Productivity report highlights non-productive and productive visits.

  3. Map View: Interactive map showing location of each activity, customer details and visit outcomes.

  4. Deviation & Travel Time: Reports showing deviation from mapped customer location and the time taken to travel between locations of field visits.

  5. Customer-Periodic: Summary and detail view of all the activities performed by all executives at a selected customer location over a period of time.

  6. Outcome-Periodic: List of customers where a selected outcome was reported by an executive over a period of time.

  7. SMS Usage: Number of SMS messages sent, shown as monthly aggregate and day-wise breakup.

  8. Complaints: List of complaints reported by the executive on behalf of the customer.

  9. Business Analytics (Beta): Beat Optimisation Report, Customer Business Persistency Report.

Impact Executive Mobile App Outlet Map View
Impact Executive Mobile App Transaction Screen



The field activities are performed primarily using the Executive Mobile App. The executive can view a complete list of the route plan for the day, also called the ‘beat’. For each customer listed in the beat, the executive must input the outcomes associated with payment collections and orders. The outcomes must be submitted even if there is no activity after visiting the customer. The App is connected to the server via the Internet for submitting each activity in real-time.

Impact Manager Mobile App Report Map View
Impact Manager Mobile App Report List View


* An SMS is sent to manager in the evening with Team Summary of the activities done during the day. The Manager Mobile App is not required for this feature.